The rise in the popularity of K-Pop culture has transformed Thais’ perspective towards Korea. Freshening up their brand to match the image of contemporary Korea, Dak Galbi, a Korean chain restaurant, opted to drop their traditional look for a more vibrant one. This is done by creating a background out of overlapping multiple coloured translucent panels and contrasting it with bold steel accents of Korean dinnerware.

The design includes a new part called ‘Stage,’ which is an elevated platform
that will feature 3 new dining experiences: the Main Stage is where the staff
is doing the live cooking, the Side Stage is the all-you-can-eat salad bar,
and the self-service beverage bar is referred to as the Drink Stage. The seating
is designed into a number of clusters, with long tables to accommodate customers
that come in large groups.

The experiment is carried out with an attempt to bend the PVC
before they later discovered that after turning the material into a rigid mass,
the curves created to the surface rendered an interesting visual distortion effect.

Photo courtesy of Ketsiree Wongwan

Pavin Supasri
Pam Anantrungroj
Punyawat Dechsiri
Aran Romayanond
Nattakarn Thinsurat
Ratthanapha Wongluang
Rasa Shirdel