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The relationship between most owners and their pets can be akin to that of a parental figure and their children. Naturally, every parent wishes the best for their offspring ranging from their diet, accommodation, health, and happiness. We here at Maincourse create a colorful playground where colors will represent different services.

We first present all the assorted services and merchandise available by grouping and categorizing. Each assigned with a bright pronounced color, Purposefully creating a spatial volume directory for each category. Suggesting an enjoyable and efficient journey throughout the space, Among all the colors employed, two specific colors are given very special care during the design process. The Blues and the Yellows. While all colors are performing their best to grab all the attention, Only these two are vividly perceived on the biological perceptions of our little friends. This makes sure the experiences are entertaining for the one with a tail and the one without.

By carefully observing how users approach products on shelves, we proposed an enhanced browsing experience tailored to each product. The collars and leash are displayed on a real-size mannequin, the top sellers are placed on a multiple step podium, the gadgets are out of the boxes and in action. All aimed to interact with the customers both tiny and tall. As for the materials, all the shelves are cladded in terrazzo and premade laminate on the outside and the HMR board on the inside to combat all the naughty acts from our little companions

Adjustable Shelfs


Best Seller Display

Accessories Display

As for HATO, Green, reflecting relaxation fits their characteristics most. By combining Hato’s signature timber and our green terrazzo to achieve a relaxing atmosphere throughout the area in which we precisely put these two materials in every space to give our pet a promising atmosphere in every activity they walked to. We still carry the concept of dividing space according to their functions which are Checked up, Bath, Spa, Dry, Trim, and their temporary house waiting for their parents to pick them up.

However, to fulfill this project, challenges must be overcome. The main challenge is the insufficient space for the scope of this area. We first analyze the behaviors of both the owner and their pets to best estimate the effective work area. With the well-being of the pet in mind, areas such as front desk, bathing, spa, drying, trimming, and accommodation must be spacious enough. Another priority is the well-being of the pets especially when the pets are first introduced to new areas or elements which may stress them out. In order to minimize this effect, we intentionally avoid using large windows, instead of incorporating smaller openings which still allow the owner to sneak viewing their pets.

Photo courtesy of THANAWATCHU

Pavin Supasri
Punyawat Dechsiri
Aran Romyanond
Nattakarn Thinsurat
Rasa Shirdel