Room Conceptstore Siam Discovery


The site has a long frontage despite a short width. This allow customers to see products from wider range of perspective from the outside. The solution is using polycarbonate as the facade of the shop. The use of turbid polycarbonate sheets give customers accessibility, seeing movements and activities occurred in the shop.
The main concept is making the Roomconceptstore as a designer’s room with variety of products. A long table in the center of the shop functions as a designer’s working table where unlimited creativities are created. The design allow customers to circulate up on the table in order to observe products from bird eye views.

ROOM Concept Store takes inspiration from the idea of a “designer’s studio”,
a place where designs are derived and processed, where visitors explore,
experiment, and appreciate creative thinking in an intriguing way.

The translucency of polycarbonate helps us to create a visual connection
between three main corridors with an opening path in the middle
which creates a large space that allows people to move around the store.

Changeable polycarbonate sheets can be rearranged
to emphasize certain products and create a fresh look. 

Special know-how is applied in the construction of the Polycarbonate shelves
as the material came in its own specific industrial dimension. Therefore, it results
in a modular system that articulates each polycarbonate sheets together
using only uniquely designed teakwood joint made by local craftsmen to hold
polycarbonate sheets into sturdy shelves, with the help of metal rods, inserted
perfectly into gaps between sheet’s structures to reinforce the shelves.
This results in a design which integrates craftsmanship techniques
combining with industrial material.

Another feature of the store is the main elongated display table
that has hidden features to it. The design direction that we took on designing
the table was that we looked at the table from a different perspective
as the table does not have to be used as it’s typical function or ergonomics,
we designed the table as a platform to display products and to be able to use
that platform to walk on to and place other products on top such as tables.
Therefore design is more like creating an elongated platform that allows
the customers to interact and walk on to.

Pavin Supasri
Amanda Donavanik
Surapak Intarakul
Punyawat Dechsiri