Room Factory Central Embassy


Roomfactory at Central Embassy revolves around the idea of one box-one brand. The store displays design products, furniture, gadgets, decorations with additional large-scale box space for each designer to express their individuality.

Room Factory by Roomconceptstore at Central Embassy is the most prestige
of the RoomConcept Store’s designs series. From the original store
in Siam Discovery that allow user to shop from stacking boxes.

One box-One Brand concept is the main element of the store.
It consists of 9 boxes that allow designers to display and organize
a mini exhibition of their design products. These boxes were
designed to allow user to be able to interact with the products,
people and context of box.

The interior design emphasizes the retro-futuristic atmosphere
that visualizes what people used to imagine as their foreseeable
future living environment. Decorated with industrial ornamentation,
the store integrates the theme color yellow into the space illustrating
this wonderland factory space.

The store is clearly partitioned into two zones, the Room Factory Store
and the Designer’s boxes. The user can access both areas from the main
entrance.The linear arc-shape shelves are the Room Factory’s
main display area. Users can also wonder around and experience
the designer’s works on the boxes area on the right.
The gear-shaped shelves are locate at the end of the store
signify the operating part of the factory where it’s the heart
of the RoomConcept’s display. The metal sheet wall is also
an industrial looking free hanging display space. 

The major circulation approaching the store is force by the main void
in the hallway of Central Embassy, forcing users approach the space in
45 degree angle to the shop front plain. The Boxes were also arranged
to make a 45 degree angle to the shop front, to always display these
design product’s three dimensional quality.

Half of the wall in the interior space was the Room Factory’s product display
whereas the other half was fully covered by a large panoramic mirror plain.
This is due to the limited space making the store look seemingly small,
these mirror reflect the all the elements to visually make the store larger.
The gold stainless arcs are opaque but reflective. The curve of each arcs
reflect itself at the join to form continuous line of complete arc
throughout the whole space.

Pavin Supasri
Amanda Donavanik
Surapak Intarakul
Kiattikhun Nimcharoenwan
Ruud Meesombuthgam