Yeoui Naru Ferry Terminal


Traffic problem on water, our design solves the traffic of water crafts having to dock alongside the shore that will result in water crafts scattering around the shore. Therefore, our design tackles this problem by having the berth extending out towards the river which keeps the docking area within the terminal boundaries, creating a smarter use of space instead of the elongated dockings that results with watercraft dockings that scattered all over the river. Another problem is the unused space on the mainland that has no identity nor programmatic spaces for people to interact or engage in activities which leaves the extensive space unused.

The site originally was a waterfront park where people would enjoy
the scenery of the Han river and the sun set. The site is easily access
by various types of public transportation and has a potential for an
architecture to become a hub of transportation for both on land
and on water transportation.

We decide to stack (offsetting) mooring facilities alongside the shore,
each piece are connected by rotating platform as pedestrian paths,
while these platforms are mechanism to operate watercrafts’ traffic.

The rotating pontoons are generated with propeller underneath
the platforms, generated by the power of water current in the river
to push the propellers.

Spaces were designed in hierarchy to establish the level of privacy
to each mooring platforms where private watercrafts will be docked
at the smaller platforms closer to the shore and more commercial boats
will be docked further away from the shore.

These spaces are divided according to the direction of the river flow.
The public space was designed to be located at the upstream of the river
and the commuting area is located at the downstream direction where
contaminated substances produced by watercraft engines are directed
away from the crowded area. This will help maximises function of the shore
the space will become more user-friendly, users can utilises it as
a gathering area and other outdoor activities.

Pavin Supasri
Punyawat Dechsiri
Thanon Sommitr
Korapin Anuruthwong
Napat Kanjanasaya